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Personal assistance

The following services are available for covered travel:

Lost baggage services

Zurich Travel Assist will advise you and provide message service to assist you in locating lost luggage.

Translation and interpretation

Zurich Travel Assist’s staff of multilingual assistance coordinators can help you with foreign language problems over the telephone or provide the name, address and telephone number of local translation services.

Emergency ticket replacement

If your travel tickets are lost or stolen, Zurich Travel Assist will help you obtain new tickets through the appropriate carrier.

Locating lost documents

Zurich Travel Assist can assist you in locating lost documents and other important personal items by contacting hotels, airlines and government authorities.

Emergency advance of funds

Upon your request, Zurich Travel Assist can provide funds with a satisfactory guarantee of reimbursement. For example, we could debit your credit card and arrange for you to obtain the funds in local currency.*

*There may be an additional service fee for transactions.

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